Unmasking Bad Actors: Navigating Quiet Quitters & Team Dynamics with TechAikido

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Are you spotting bad actors?

Navigating the tech world when you're not from a technical background can be daunting. That's why we're bringing you a series of articles exploring key areas that can enhance your engineering department's efficiency. Our first piece unravels an important topic: "Are you spotting the bad actors?"

Quiet Quitting: The Silent Menace

In today's remote work culture, a new trend is emerging - "quiet quitting." Employees stop contributing meaningfully but remain on the roster, leaving the onus on the employer to identify the situation and take action. This lack of commitment not only affects productivity but also has a demoralizing effect on the rest of the team. 

However, a well-structured review and feedback mechanism can nip such problems in the bud, fostering a culture of accountability and engagement.

Over-Employment: The Double-edged Sword

Remote work also opens up the possibility of employees taking on multiple jobs simultaneously. While this may initially seem harmless, it can lead to burnout, divided attention, and decreased productivity, all of which harm your team.

Creating clear expectations around work hours and dedication can help mitigate this. Furthermore, regular check-ins and performance reviews can help you spot and address instances of over-employment promptly.

Promoting Team Engagement & Teamwork

Promoting engagement and teamwork is the antidote to many of these issues. Encouraging open communication, fostering a collaborative culture, and recognizing individual and team contributions can all help build a positive work environment.

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Crucially, the tools used to monitor employees should promote trust, not erode it. Avoid overly intrusive methods such as screen capturing or clocking. Instead, focus on fostering a culture of integrity and transparency.

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