The Power of Honesty: Building Trust with Your Engineering Team

By TechAikido


Are you honest with your engineers?

In our series aimed at helping non-technical leaders understand and improve their engineering departments, we delve into the fundamental elements of a successful tech company. Today, we're focusing on a vital and often overlooked aspect: honesty.

Honesty is the bedrock of any successful relationship, and this is particularly true within your engineering teams.

Engineers are Highly Observant

Engineers are analytical, rational thinkers by nature. They are keen observers and critical thinkers. If they sense that they are not being told the whole truth, or are being led down a misleading path, it can breed mistrust and disengagement. Honesty, therefore, becomes a critical ingredient in fostering a healthy relationship with your engineers.

Be Proactive, Stay Informed

To effectively lead your engineering teams, it's crucial that you stay updated on their work. This doesn't mean you need to understand every technical detail but showing an interest and understanding of their projects helps in building mutual respect and an open communication channel. Your engineers will appreciate your effort and it will boost their confidence in your leadership.

Recognize and React to Performance

Acknowledging good results encourages your engineers to continue doing their best, while a constructive response to less-than-stellar performance can often turn it around. Ensuring that both efforts and results are recognized in an equitable manner is key to maintaining motivation and productivity in the team.

Deliver on Promises

For many engineers, monetary rewards are only a part of the equation. Opportunities for learning, career advancement, and having an impact are often equally important. When you make promises, ensure you deliver on them. This will not only help you retain your best talent but also attract new, high-quality engineers to your team.

Listen, Respond, and Adapt

Lastly, take your engineers' feedback seriously. They are the ones on the ground, tackling the challenges of your business firsthand. Listen to their suggestions, criticisms, and ideas, and react in an objective, rational manner. Show them that their voices matter, and it will foster a culture of trust and mutual respect.


The core message is simple: Honesty matters. By cultivating an environment of transparency and trust with your engineering team, you can enhance productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, propelling your business to greater heights. 

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