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Are you hiring the right people?

As you journey through the complex world of tech companies, building a strong and efficient engineering department often poses an intricate puzzle, particularly when you lack a technical background. In the first part of our six-part series aimed at decoding these complexities, we focus on a critical question: "Are you hiring the right people?"

Optimizing Your Internal Hiring Process

Your hiring process is the gateway to building a talented and harmonious team. It needs to be a perfect blend of thoroughness and efficiency. Neither a rushed process nor an excessively long one will yield the best results. You may also be tempted to assign copious amounts of homework to applicants; however, remember that quality matters more than quantity. 

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Instead, clarify what you expect from your candidates upfront. This clear communication can serve as a compass that points both you and your candidates in the right direction.

The Onboarding Journey: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Onboarding is not a one-size-fits-all process. It should be customized to match the requirements of the position. For hands-on engineers, providing clear instructions and setting expectations for the first few weeks can make a significant difference. This not only aids their understanding of their role but also expedites their integration into your team.

The Crucial First Weeks: Setting the Pace

Those first weeks of a new hire are a golden opportunity to cultivate a positive and productive work relationship. Regular check-ins by a manager, team lead, or colleague can make new hires feel valued and engaged. Showing genuine interest in their work and their success can foster a supportive environment that motivates them to give their best. 

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Wherever possible, the initial tasks assigned should encourage collaboration. This strategy not only helps the new hire learn from their team but also builds trust and camaraderie.

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