Overcoming the Security Challenge: Prioritize, Seek Help, and Implement Policies


By TechAikido

Are you in a situation where security efforts are too expensive and time consuming?

Maintaining robust security for your tech company can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. Balancing the demands of keeping your systems secure with the need for agile and efficient operation can be challenging. And if you're feeling overwhelmed by the cost and time needed for comprehensive security efforts, it might be because your approach needs tweaking.

Prioritize What's Important

Fog of war

Every company has vulnerabilities, but not all vulnerabilities carry the same weight. Identifying and prioritizing these weak spots is key. You need to assess the risks associated with each vulnerability and determine the potential impact on your business if it was exploited. Closing the most critical holes first and implementing internal controls where possible, will improve your security posture significantly without overwhelming your resources.

Seek Help from Third Parties

One of the common misconceptions about cybersecurity is that it's always expensive. While it's true that some aspects can require a substantial investment, there are plenty of affordable solutions. Specialized third-party teams can provide the security expertise you need at a reasonable price. But remember, don't rush into a partnership with the first service provider you come across. Shop around, compare offerings, and most importantly, make sure they understand your business and its specific needs

Implement Policies and Processes

Many companies fall into the trap of seeing policies and processes as a cure-all for their security woes. While they are crucial, they should not be your only focus. Good security policies and processes are a response to known threats and are there to guide your actions when an incident occurs. However, they don't directly strengthen your defenses. They should be part of a comprehensive security strategy, complementing other proactive measures.

Finding a balance in your security efforts is key. The goal isn't to make your company impenetrable – that's an unrealistic aim for any business. Instead, aim for resilience. A resilient company can withstand an attack, limit the damage, and bounce back quickly.

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Remember, it's never "too late" to improve your security. The first step is recognizing there's room for improvement, which is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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