Leadership in Tech: Are the Right Managers in the Right Places?

By TechAikido


Are the right managers in the right places?

A key factor in the success of your technology company is ensuring that the right managers are leading your teams, particularly your engineering department. But what exactly does 'right' mean in this context? Let's delve into the essential qualities that make a manager effective in the tech sector.

Leading with Care, Motivation, Engagement, Skill, and Experience

Leadership is a top-down process, and your managers set the tone. They must possess not only the necessary technical skills and experience but also the ability to genuinely care for their team, motivate them, and engage them in the mission of the company. A manager who leads by example inspires their team to follow suit.

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Adopting the 'Ask, Not Tell' Philosophy

Engineers are intelligent problem-solvers who thrive in environments where their thoughts and ideas are valued. Rather than dictating tasks, managers should engage their team members, seeking their input and making them active participants in decision-making. This strategy fosters ownership and eliminates the unproductive “told you so...” culture.

Being Proactive Managers, Not Just Figureheads

Effective managers do more than just occupy a position; they actively manage their teams. They are hands-on, helping to unblock obstacles, providing guidance, and setting an example. They strike a balance between giving autonomy and providing support, enabling their teams to do their best work.

Promoting Meritocracy, Objectivity, Rationality, and Honesty

The cornerstones of an effective tech team are meritocracy, objectivity, rationality, and honesty. Managers should recognize and reward merit, make decisions based on facts and reason, and foster an open, honest culture. These principles are the backbone of a healthy and productive engineering team.

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The impact of managers on the culture and productivity of a tech team cannot be overstated. Ensuring the right people lead your teams can make the difference between a company that merely functions and one that truly thrives.

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