Is Your Team Synchronized? Unraveling Dev Process Alignment with TechAikido


By TechAikido

Is everybody aligned with the development process?

Our goal with this series is to empower you, the leaders of tech companies, with actionable insights to improve your engineering department's functioning. In this article, we focus on an often overlooked aspect of the development process - alignment across departments. We ask, "Is everybody aligned with the development process?"

The Connective Tissue: Development Process Across Departments

The development process shouldn't be an isolated function, existing in a silo. It should instead be a central cog in the organizational machinery, connecting seamlessly with other departments like product, marketing, and partnerships. For this to happen, it’s crucial for engineering to articulate its methods, goals, and challenges to non-technical teams. Not only does this ensure greater transparency, but it also holds the engineering department accountable for its contributions.

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Setting Expectations: The Art of Deadlines and Deliverables

For engineering to harmoniously integrate with the wider company processes, they must provide clear deadlines, define deliverables, and set expectations appropriately. It's this crucial information that allows for other departments to plan and execute their tasks effectively, creating a symphony of interdepartmental cooperation.

The Role of Product: Garbage in, Garbage out

The product department often sets the priorities for engineering and is the source of much of their work. This symbiotic relationship means that the quality of input from the product team directly influences the output from engineering. Therefore, it's essential that the product team delivers quality requirements, informed by a deep understanding of user needs and market trends.

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In conclusion, successful development processes hinge on open communication, clear expectations, and quality inputs. Is your organization aligned in this manner? If not, we are here to help.

In the forthcoming articles of our series, we will explore other critical areas like IT infrastructure, engineering performance monitoring, and security. Our aim? To help you see the problems you might not even know exist and equip you to improve upon them.

If you're looking for ways to enhance alignment within your development process or to optimize your tech department in general, reach out to us. Let's work together to achieve harmony in your tech processes and drive your business forward.

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