Is Your Team’s Effort Being Recognized? Navigating Perks, Performance, and Perception


By TechAikido

Are your efforts being appreciated in the team?

Creating a healthy and effective work culture within a technology company is a challenge, particularly when it comes to understanding and recognizing the efforts of your engineering team. As non-technical executives, it can be difficult to ascertain whether your recognition strategies are resonating with your team, or whether they are unintentionally fostering discontent. Let's delve into two key issues you may face.

More Perks but Less Results - Aligning Incentives and Performance

You've increased perks, hoping to boost morale and productivity. However, results are still flatlining. Could it be that your team doesn't feel genuinely appreciated? 

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Engineering teams thrive on tackling complex problems and contributing to the company’s success. While perks are nice, they aren't a substitute for genuine recognition of hard work. Perhaps it's time to ensure the perks you provide align with what your team values. Regular check-ins, surveys, and open discussions can help uncover what truly motivates your team and brings out their best performance

Increasing Workload, Same Reward - A Sense of Being Used

Have you noticed an increase in work output but no corresponding request for better compensation or benefits? This could be a sign that your team feels underappreciated or exploited. 

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Rewards and recognition should be proportional to the effort and work done. If your team is continually meeting and exceeding expectations without an appropriate increase in compensation or other forms of recognition, this could be leading to a sense of being used. Open dialogue about performance, workload, and compensation can help ensure that your team feels their work is genuinely valued.

Recognizing and appreciating the efforts of your engineering team is a delicate balance that requires ongoing attention. Understanding how your team perceives their workload and the rewards they receive in return is crucial for fostering a healthy, motivated, and productive work culture.

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