Infrastructure Woes Slowing Your Dev Process? Unleash Efficiency with TechAikido's Blueprint


By TechAikido

Is your infrastructure supporting the development process?

Welcome back to our series where we delve into critical areas within your tech department that can significantly impact your company’s performance. Today, we're looking at your IT infrastructure and how it serves as a bedrock for your development process. So, let’s ask ourselves: "Is your infrastructure supporting your development process?"

Basic Environment Setup: The Fighting Chance

A sound IT infrastructure begins with the setup of different environments for the different stages of development. Providing your engineering team with local, development, staging, and production environments is not an option, it's a necessity. This segregated structure enables your team to test, tweak, and finally deploy the code without affecting the live production environment. 

Testability: The Ability to Foresee

With a well-structured environment, we can now turn our focus to testability. Your IT infrastructure should provide the ability to test all foreseeable scenarios of a release. Of course, there will always be unknowns that we didn't anticipate. Yet, any scenario that you know can occur should be testable, thereby minimizing the risks associated with the unknowns.

Reproducibility: Catching the Unforeseen

Unforeseen scenarios are inevitable in development. When they happen, your IT infrastructure should allow for the reproduction of these scenarios in a non-production environment. Replicating issues is critical for troubleshooting and fixing them. Debugging in a live production environment is never a good idea; with the right infrastructure, it shouldn't be necessary.

Stability, Consistency, and Trust: The Backbone of a Good Infrastructure

Lastly, an effective IT infrastructure brings stability and consistency to your engineering department. It's the backbone of your web application - the platform on which all else stands. Your team will encounter enough challenges with the code and users. Make your life easier by ensuring the infrastructure – the base on which everything runs – is trustworthy and reliable.

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In conclusion, a robust IT infrastructure supports the development process, provides a foundation for efficient testing, allows for the reproduction of unforeseen issues, and delivers a stable, reliable backbone for your web application. So, ask yourself: "Is my infrastructure supporting the development process?"

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