Engineering Performance Monitoring: Do You Know When Your Next Feature Will Be Released?


By TechAikido

Do you know when a feature/fix will be released?

Performance monitoring extends beyond just your IT infrastructure. It also applies to your engineering team and their ability to deliver projects on time. The question you should always be able to answer is, "Do you know when a feature or fix will be released?"

Estimations are Challenging, But Necessary

Despite the complexities of software development, establishing timelines is crucial for accountability and planning. It's fair to say that estimations can be challenging - software engineering is a highly intricate process with numerous variables at play. Yet, the ability to provide a ballpark release date for a feature or fix is essential for efficient business operations. Deadlines enable wider business planning, ensuring engineering is synchronized with marketing, sales, and other critical business functions.

"We Don't Know": A Red Flag from Engineering

Should you ever hear "we don't know" as an answer from your engineering team regarding delivery timelines, consider it a red flag. This response could hint at several underlying issues - from a lack of care or motivation to a deficit in understanding the scope of work. It could also suggest the existence of blockers that you, as a non-technical executive, might not be aware of. 

Chronic Lateness: Time to Investigate

Repeatedly missing deadlines is another warning sign that cannot be ignored. If your engineering team is consistently late in delivering features or fixes, it could be indicative of poor management, lack of accountability, or even poor performance by the engineers. Such patterns need to be addressed promptly to prevent ongoing business disruption.

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Understanding the state of your engineering performance monitoring is crucial in ensuring your technology aligns with your business objectives. If you find yourself unsure about when your next feature or fix will be released, or if you're troubled by the red flags we've outlined, it's time to take action.

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