Engineering Performance Monitoring: Do You Know What Part of Your Development Process is Troublesome?


By TechAikido

Do you know which part of your development process is giving you problems?

A robust development process is the backbone of a thriving tech company. However, just as vital is your understanding of this process and your ability to pinpoint any inefficiencies. As leaders, you should always ask: "Do I know which part of our development process is giving us trouble?" Here are a few key things to consider.

Logging, Trackability, Accountability, Responsibility

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The ability to monitor your team’s performance is contingent on the visibility of the actions and decisions made within your process. Logging, trackability, accountability, and responsibility are fundamental for comprehensive understanding. You need to ensure that every decision and action is documented, the progress of tasks is easily trackable, and individuals are held accountable for their responsibilities. This transparency helps identify bottlenecks or issues early, preventing them from turning into larger problems down the road.

Correct Use of Management Tools

A common challenge many organizations face is the incorrect or incomplete use of management tools. This can often stem from a lack of clarity about what is needed, a failure to setup processes correctly, or a lack of engagement with the tools provided. The correct use of management tools is a critical component in understanding your engineering process. Ensuring your team has been adequately trained and understands the value of these tools can drive efficiency and performance.

Approaches: Passive, Active, Automated

Your approach to process management can vary depending on your leadership style. If you're more passive, you might prefer to observe the process and rely on reports generated by tools to monitor progress. An active approach involves direct engagement, such as driving progress by asking probing questions or providing suggestions for improvement. An automated approach relies on tools with predefined alerts and triggers to monitor progress and alert you when something goes astray. Each of these methods has its merits, and you may find a blend of all three to be most effective.

Understanding where your development process might be failing is a crucial step in improving the overall performance of your engineering department. If any of the issues we've discussed resonate with your current situation, our tech consultancy is here to help.

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