Engineering Performance Monitoring: Are Your Engineers Doing Their Job?

By TechAikido


Are your engineers doing their job?

In the tech industry, the question "Are your engineers doing their job?" is a critical one. As leaders, it's essential to ensure your engineering department operates like a well-oiled machine, driving your company towards its goals. Here are five indicators to help gauge your team's performance.

Task Progress

A key aspect of performance monitoring is understanding the progress of tasks. Tickets should move, and there should be engagement on them. If an engineer isn’t asking questions or encountering problems, it might indicate a lack of activity. Active participation, queries, and problem-solving are the signs of a committed and engaged engineering team.

Code Reviews

Code reviews aren’t just standard practice; they serve as a vital checkpoint for quality, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. It's important for engineering leads to review code changes to understand the quality of work and provide feedback where necessary. It’s not just about identifying issues - it's about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

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Test Results

Quality Assurance (QA) loops offer valuable insight into feature development or bug fixing. A high number of back-and-forths between development and QA might indicate a problem with the implementation or misunderstanding of the requirement. Using these test results to improve your process is an integral part of enhancing performance.

Support Problems

Your users or clients are an invaluable source of information. Pay attention to their complaints and feedback - they can provide insights into areas needing improvement. A well-organized company can quickly identify and address the root cause of these issues.


Finally, consider the frequency and success of your deployments. If code changes are not being tested and deployed regularly, something is likely going wrong. Regular deployments are a sign of a healthy, agile, and productive engineering team.

Understanding the performance of your engineering team and ensuring they're delivering their best work is key to your company's success. If any of the concerns we've discussed resonate with you, our tech consultancy is here to assist.

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