Cultivating a Positive Engineering Culture: The "Ask, Not Tell" Communication Approach


By TechAikido

Ask not tell - how to communicate?

In the challenging and rapidly evolving world of technology, an effective communication strategy is crucial for the success of your company, particularly in your engineering departments. However, the technical nature of the field can make it challenging for non-technical leaders to establish effective communication. Today, we're focusing on a simple but transformative approach: "Ask, Not Tell".

Foster Healthy Competition

Competition in the workplace is often seen in a negative light. But when managed correctly, it can serve as a powerful motivator and catalyst for innovation. Encourage your managers to create an environment where team members are inspired to learn from each other and exceed their own expectations. This kind of healthy competition stimulates creativity, productivity, and ultimately, leads to better results for your company.

The Power of Asking

white Apple Magic Mouse beside of Magic Keyboard and headphones

When managers adopt an "Ask, Not Tell" approach, it transforms the dynamics of the team. Asking instead of telling promotes engagement and encourages team members to take an active role in problem-solving. It triggers their innate curiosity and problem-solving skills, leading to innovative solutions that may have otherwise remained unexplored.

The Downside of Telling

On the other hand, a “Telling” approach often leads to less desirable outcomes. When managers merely dictate tasks and decisions, it creates an environment where team members may feel less accountable, fostering a “told you so” attitude in case of failures. Furthermore, this approach can breed contempt for managers and hinder the growth and productivity of the team.

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Understanding and implementing effective communication methods, like the "Ask, Not Tell" approach, is fundamental for creating a positive culture within your engineering teams and across your entire organization.

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